New Guide to Authenticating Antique and Art Prints

1899 lithograph advertising poster for champagne

1899 lithograph advertising poster for champagne

You can download my new pdf ebook guide: “Identifying Antique Commercial Printing Processes, And The Basics of Authenticating Antique and Art Prints.”

This heavily illustrated guide reprints previously published articles. It focuses on identifying printing processes, but includes additional important chapters on authenticating and dating antique and fine art prints, and gives the essential basics for collectors, sellers, historians, students and art enthusiasts.

Along with learning how to identify etchings, engravings, lithographs, photoengravings, woodcuts and other processes, topics include identifying and dating paper, how to identify modern reproductions and forgeries, alterations, proofs, editions, states, provenance, how to research the works of famous artists, and offers a plethora of practical tips.